Trident Literacy Association

We teach adults to read, write & reason


Main Office

5416-B Rivers Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29406
Telephone: 843-747-2223

9am-8pm Monday through Thursday

Complete location listing

Trident Literacy Association - Staff

, Executive Director

, Development Director
Stella Necker, Program Director

, Court-related Counseling (843-327-4444)

, ABE Program Manager

, ESL Program Manager

Joanna Wolff - ESL Instructor

, GED Prep Manager

, Computer Program Manager / WorkKeys Manager

Location Staff

Berkeley County Detention Center

Melanie Vause, Berkeley County Detention Center - Program Assistant

Don Sterret - Berkeley County Detention Center - Program Assistant

Celebration Station


Charleston County Detention Center

, Charleston County Detention Center WorkKeys Program Manager

, Charleston County Detention Center - GED Program Manager

TC Drayton

, TC Drayton - Site Manager

Gail Green, TC Drayton -Assistant Site Manager

Goose Creek

Danielle Smith, Goose Creek Site Manager

Moncks Corner

, Moncks Corner Site Manager

Learn more about how you can help by calling Trident Literacy Association at 843-747-2223 or click here to send an email about volunteering.

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