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We teach adults to read, write & reason


Volunteer/Teach Adults to Read, Write, and Reason

Trident Literacy is a volunteer-based community organization dedicated to helping adults learn to read, write and reason.

Our self-paced study programs are tailored to meet each student's needs.

Study groups have 5 or fewer students, making learning comfortable and easier.

Tutors work one-on-one with students who read at less than a 5th grade reading level.

Tutors work with individual and small groups of students who read at less than a 9th grade level. These students work independently. Tutors assist as needed. All low level readers are required to read aloud with a tutor or other helper every day.

Students at the secondary level work mostly independently. Tutors work with individual students or small groups on concepts as needed. Students preparing for the GED have to be competent in algebra, science, social studies, essay writing, and more.

English as a Second Language tutors do not need to speak another language. You do need to be able to explain concepts clearly, and to help students learn our culture.

Teaching adults is not immediate gratification. It requires a commitment to the students. Although it isn't a short-term volunteer effort, it is a truly satisfying and rewarding opportunity to help someone change their life permanently for the better. Many of our volunteers keep lifelong friendships with the students they teach!

Trident Literacy needs volunteers in other areas, too. Volunteers may help with office/administrative tasks, child care, special projects and events.

Help someone improve their reading, writing and math skills, prepare for the GED exam, learn English or become computer literate.

Help us raise needed funds to continue our mission.

Help with office work, child care, or whatever best uses your special talents.

For more information call 843.747.2223,

Please complete our Volunteer Information Form online or click here to print a form in PDF.

Main Office

5416-B Rivers Avenue

North Charleston, SC 29406

Telephone: 843-747-2223

Monday through Thursday

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