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The numbers


The average percentage of adults in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties who lack basic prose literacy skills (BPLS).

"I am intimately familiar with the vital role literacy plays in a community. Literacy is a stepping stone to a better education, a better job, a better life, and with these comes a better community for everyone.

Much like the mission of Trident Technical College to serve as a catalyst for personal, community, and economic development by empowering individuals through education and training; Trident Literacy works to empower individuals through literacy. Literacy and education promote economic development through helping individuals develop the communication and critical thinking skills that are fundamental to better jobs. Better jobs mean a better quality of life.

I urge you to support Trident Literacy. You will not only be lifting up individuals, but our entire community. Help reverse the cycle of generational poverty through literacy."

- Dr. Mary Thornley, President, Trident Technical College Testimonial To Trident Literacy from Trident Technical College
Damond's story. How he got motivated and decided to take advantage of the opportunities that Trident Literacy Association provides. Help us help Damond and all those that walk in his shoes to #LiftTheLowcountry!

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