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The numbers


The average percentage of adults in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties who lack basic prose literacy skills (BPLS).

Donate To Support Adult Literacy

Your donation makes you a partner in each student's success. Increased literacy means an improved workforce, and stronger economy.

Please help us make a difference with your donation.

  • 90% of every dollar supports students directly

$2,000 = the cost per day for 6 sites and several outreach locations
$1,000 = TLA’s annual fee for web-based WorkKeys curriculum or the cost of a classroom naming opportunity
$500 = TLA’s expense per student for one year of instruction (includes Basic Literacy, GED-prep, ESL/Civics, WorkKeys Career Readiness, Basic Computer Use)
$250 = cost to sponsor our annual “Achievement Ceremony” to honor our students who earned their GED and/or WorkKeys Career Readiness Certificates, or passed their citizenship exam
$150 = cost for one student scholarship for the GED exam
$25 = contribution to our general scholarship fund to subsidize our students’ education

$100,000 = Cost to name an endowment or specific program

$250,000 = Cost to name our main campus

In the 2013-2014 fiscal year:

  • TLA served approximately 1,500 adult students.

Since 1972, Trident Literacy Association has helped adults get results. Our student-centered approach works.

Your generosity makes you a partner in each student's success.


Please help us make a difference.

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