Avram Kronsberg, Jr

GED® Preparation

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Avram Kronsberg, Jr

GED® Program

More than 66,000 adults in the Charleston region do not have a high school diploma. Without it, they miss job opportunities and find themselves trapped in a cycle of poverty.

We provide a General Educational Development (GED)® preparation program to equip adults with the skills they need to obtain their GED®. Students progress through the program at their own pace, taking classes, working independently, or participating in small group learning with a volunteer learning coach.

Once students complete the GED® preparation program, they are tested in four areas: mathematical reasoning, language arts, science, and social studies. Students take the official test at one of several official GED® test centers in the tri-county area.

Please complete the GED® Prep Program Application below to be placed on our pre-registration list. Testing dates and class schedules will be emailed periodically. 

What to expect?

When you register for our GED® Preparation Program, you will select the orientation block that works best for you. You must attend both days and complete the full 12 hours, which includes registration forms, orientation, assessments, and classroom instruction. 

After completing your orientation, you will be assigned an education manager, and a custom academic plan will be created for you based on your registration forms and assessment results. We work with your schedule to create a flexible plan that allows you to work at your own pace while focusing on only the skills you need to learn.

When you have met your education manager's goals, you will take the GED Ready® to determine if you are prepared to pass the GED®. If you score high enough on the GED Ready®, we will pay for you to take your GED® exam!


2-Day Registration & 

Orientation Sessions 

Monday and Wednesday | July 29th & 31st | 9am - 3pm

Monday and Wednesday | July 29th & 31st | 4pm - 10pm

Monday and Wednesday | August 12th & 14th | 9am -3pm

Monday and Wednesday | August 12th & 14th | 4pm - 10pm

Monday and Wednesday | August 26th & 28th | 9am-3pm

Monday and Wednesday | August 26th & 28th | 4pm - 10pm

You must complete both days of orientation to be eligible for workshops, small group sessions, open study, or 1-on-1 tutoring.  




9 am -12 pm 

Morning Tutoring GED® Prep 

Mon - Thu

9 am-12 pm

Evening Tutoring GED® Prep 

Mon & Wed

5 pm-8 pm

PLEASE NOTE: TLA does NOT currently offer fully online/virtual GED® tutoring or classes.


$50 registration fee due at orientation can be paid via Venmo (Trident Literacy), Credit Card, PayPal or cash. 

Fee is waived for participants who are eligible for SNAP2Work.

Scholarships are available.

Who is eligible?

People age 17 or older who: 




How does it Work? 

How old do I need to be to enroll in your program?

In general, participants must be at least 17 years old. We are an adult education provider, and our program is designed for independent, self-sufficient learners. In the case of participants under 18, we will coordinate with guardians, but the primary point of contact and person responsible for their goals is the person enrolled in the program.

How long will it take to get my GED®?

It varies. Every participant will need to complete orientation over a period of two days, totaling 12 hours. After that, it depends on how many skills you still need to acquire and how much time you can spend learning and mastering the material. While not the norm, some learners are ready to pass the exams after a few hours of instruction. Most participants will meet their goals and pass the exam within a 3-9 month period. It can take years if you are not consistent with your studies or need to start at the most basic level. After orientation, we will help you set realistic goals and a guided timeline to complete them. Some factors that determine how long it will take are out of your control, and we will provide support to help you overcome those barriers. You do control the most important determinant of your success. The time you dedicate and the energy level you bring to your studies will be the deciding factor of how long it takes to successfully pass all four sections of the GED and obtain your high school credential.

How much does it cost?

If you receive SNAP benefits and enroll in SNAP2WORK, our program is free. We will cover the cost of your GED Ready exams and your GED exams if you have met your education manager's goals. 

We partner with SC Works, and many participants interested in getting a job or qualifying for a higher-paying job can enroll with our partner organization and get a referral from them that will cover the cost of the program.

If we are unable to secure funding through a partner agency, there is a one-time fee of $50 for the program. 

We are a nonprofit organization, and we receive funding from private donors, foundations, corporations, and government grants to cover the cost of our programs.

What's included in your program?